Thursday, 19 July 2007

My Trip To Tunbridge Wells :-)

Here is my eventfull day .. First i finally get out of the house and walk down to the Patcham Co-Op Bus stop for service 56 (the 12:26) 202 Plaxton Pointer SLF Dart was running the service! , sure its a realy good route for me because it Takes time to complete the "All around the houses" section of the route that i particually prefer. Any way about 8 minuets down we arrived at churchill square about 13:11 ish that gave me 4 mins to catch the connection to Tunbridge Wells - the 29 and one of my pavourites was working on that route bus 905 - identical to the metro 25 ominidekkas in length but it just has a cream livery! i observed from the drivers GPS thanks to the stig who told me how the new GPS's worked he was -1:40 - 1 Min and 40 secs late! and the other road works in Lewis Road didn't help either Alex, Stiggy boy try getting a 40ish? foot Ominidekka through those road works! must have been held up for about 5 mins trying to get through them! anyway as the service is only limited stop for most of Brighton it was easy from there on! something that really anoyed me about the driver was that he wasn't pushing the bus all the way (In other words he was driving to time!) anyway we followed the normal route through Isfield (29) Uckfield , Five Ash Down , Croborough , Eridige By-Pass then on to Tunbridge wells Arriving at Meadow road , the Driver was 4 mins and about 10 secs late!(and to confirm what Alex said, he had a clock set on his display and a full tank of petrol from Arriva drivers statement:P) not bad as the route ushally gets about a 17 min terminus! On the Bus back it was back to the old school Scania Cityzens this one (774) on the 15:15 Journey had real bad brakes one of them gave me a head ache in the past it was so loud! On return to Churchill Square we were held up again - No suprise there then as this was about 17:39! (Rush hour) When i departed from the bus i Knew there was a last 56 around this time 17:39 so i poped my head around and sure the read time board outside Pizza hut said 56 Patcham 10 mins! i also saw a Metrobus service 273 on layover at Churchill Square so i said to my Self what wins a 273 or a 56? i think the 56 wins!!!

this was of course the last 56 17:24 from the Knoll Estate terminating at Laides Mile Road! - Reference for the Stig as he seems to know that route! so i got this back and it was the same dart i started off in (203) it had a nice squeel to it and the driver was 12 mins late but kept smiling when i was looking to see wether or not he was going to hit something! when we got to Warmdene road he Droped me off at Warmdene Road Top (By the Long man of Wilmington Alex :-) 16 and a half mins late what a Cheek! but i loved Every minute of it!


Arriva Driver said...

Our Real times are the other way round.

-1:40 means you are 1:40 early (- meaning UNDER the time point).

+1:40 means you are 1:40 late (+ meaning OVER the time point).

+ or - against the time point.

Jacko! said...

Hehe i beleive we discussed this before :P but that clears up that photo you took on Sunday of your Cab including the GPS. Those model's you use are the 'new' ones that are used in the knew Ominidekkas we are getting! and some others.

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

I had one of those `new` ones in a Lolyne Trident today!

Jacko! said...