Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Bus Times Change!

Hello their! , Brighton and Hove buses have changed their times and routes for alot of their services! one route they removed is the 86! one of my favourites ive had some good trips on that service and will be sorry to see it go! for more info check this site.$news/news.asp

Saturday, 18 August 2007

They Have Repainted Them at Last!

Buses 246 and 247 have been repainted both famous for operating on the Service 56 route! and 78/79 on Sundays or Saturdays!

Back .. ...

I know its been a while since i arrived back about 5 days but ive had quite alot to catch up with so you can't really blame me! Boarding the coach at Gatwick Terminal North Last monday (when i came back) we were greated by lots of Airport buses run by diffrent companys - i didn't realise that Metrobus wernt the only company to operate in the Crawley Gatwick area so i learn't something knew their. Boarding the coach i got the front seat lucky for me! and going into the South Terminal of Gatwick i saw a Driver change over between one lone National express Driver and A Trainee Driver learning the ropes of the Company with another Driver Trainer. The trainee had been working for another Bus Company so he knew how to drive and he drove us well! i had the charm of the Driver Trainer sitting next to me for the way down to Patcham! Great Stuff and the Palma Buses were good aswell luckliy we were on the Frequentest route Line 3 Ilettes - Point D' Inca ran every 7 Mins!