Saturday, 18 August 2007

They Have Repainted Them at Last!

Buses 246 and 247 have been repainted both famous for operating on the Service 56 route! and 78/79 on Sundays or Saturdays!


Inspector Blakey said...

Yay the Pocket Rockets have been done! But soon we at Whitheakw will get our greedy hands on them! And we'll give you short wheelbased Enviro200s...lucky you...I envy you!

Jacko! said...

Woohoo! Id love to see those then..

Adam Dowling said...

The fastest bus in Cambridge is a old Plaxton President bodied Transbus Trident that can do about 70 mph!

Jacko! said...

Wooh we have them down here... on my Local route infact :) there very nice indeed!

Adam Dowling said...

Apart from the fact that their older Dennis Cousins cannot reverse up gentle slopes, as the gears and clutch are useless!!

Anonymous said...

When are the Enviro 200s coming? And are B&H getting 400s instead of Omnidekkas soon as I have seen a few sites with pictures of the demonstrator. Would be a shame not to see any more Omnidekkas as I think they're great buses.

Inspector Blakey said... it goes.

East Lancs are bust. Scania aren't that willing to co-operate with Alexander Dennis about putting a Scania Chassis with Enviro400 bodywork. So Go-Ahead have asked "ADL" to build them a batch of 350 to spread around:

Wilts & Dorset
Solent Blue Line
Southern Vectis
Brighton & Hove.

I think Wilts & Dorest are the priority!

Anonymous said...

Thanks inspector blakey as always. I did read ELC were in trouble but thought that they had been bought out so kinda dismissed this as a reason. I imagine this is why the buses have been delayed too.

I think the 400s are nice looking buses but they aren't that great as buses IMHO. At least B&H have a very modern fleet though, a 3rd of their buses must be Omnidekkas by now, surely? That is pretty impressive.

Was the Olympus the last new bus ELC came up with? If so, I wonder if that is what bankrupted them - possibly the ugliest bus I have ever seen, unlike the Omnidekka.